Registration & Compliance Services

Firm, Trust , L L P, Company incorporation, Society registrations, M S M E ,GST Registration, Professional tax, labor & Contract license, shops & establishment registrations, E S I,P F ,Import & export code, E P C G, Weights & Measurement, FSSAI State & Central License Pollution control, Money lending license, Drug License and many more.

Intellectual Properties Registrations Services

Trade Mark, Service Mark, Copy Right, Patent Right, Design Right & Geo Marking

Financial Service

Accounting monthly & Annually, Taxation's, Statutory & Internal Audit, Financial Planning, Financial Structure , Capital Budget, Capital restructuring, Facilitation of equity’s, Venture capitalist , Joint Ventures, Project Report and Project Loan Facilitation & Etc

H R Services

Payroll Management , Training & Development , Performance Appraisals , H R Audit & Compliance services,360 degree analysis, Employee Retention Planning & Strategies & etc

Corporate Services

Company Incorporation & Winding up, L LP, Charges creation, Appointment & Removal of Directors, Annual returns, R D Cases, C L B cases, SEBI, R B I Clearance, I P O’s & Etc.

Legal Service

All sort of legal agreements & Documentations, Intellectual property cases, Cyber cases & Etc

Management Services

Management Audit & reviews, M I S Planning & Strategies, Port folio Management, Brand Equity & Etc.

Other value added Certification & Compliance

I S O 9001: 2015, 14000, 22000, 27000, O H S A S, I S I (B I S certification) HACCP, NABL, C E Marking, C M M certification & etc

U S P Services

Corporate Intelligence & surveillance, Marketing Strategies, Organizational controls, Websites, Software Development & App design Turnaround Management, Disaster management & etc.

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